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Eco Dog Wash & Daycare

Mon - Fri:  7 to 7
Sat: 10 to 5 Sun: 11 to 4

Self Wash and Basic Bath
Up To 1hr Before Closing
(7 Days)
Grooming By Appointment
(No Sundays)


We love our dogs & our community.

We created our own dog grooming products because we care about their health and about the environment. We start with an all natural base and infuse it with our signature blend of high quality essential oils and botanicals to fight pests, support healthy skin & coat, and leave a clean, fresh scent. Our products are 100% biodegradable and cruelty-free. We never use phosphates, DEA, phthalates or parabens. All of our products are safe for your dog, your hands, and your community's water supply.

You can buy from our own webstore Eco Dog Care or from select retailers like Hound Dog and Cat just a couple of blocks down on Pico Blvd.

What our customers say....

"Thanks, Eco Dog! He smells yummy - Simply Clean!" (SM - Jun '13)

"...that wonderful fragrance lasts for 2 weeks!!! Definitely my Cooper gives 2 paws up..." (CM - Jan '13)

"and it smells delicious" (SM - Jan '13)

"The shampoo is bio-degradable and eco friendly, so not only do we have a clean, wonderful smelling dog, but it's not toxic on the environment" (MP - Aug '12)

"This is some seriously wonderful stuff from Eco Dog Wash & Daycare, here in Los Angeles." (BarkPark.net - June '12)

"Our dogs get complimented daily on how great they smell, not something you often hear people say about dogs!" (KS - May '12)

"Awesome products!!!" (KC - May '12)

"This stuff is legendary. Nature is honored here. You into dogs? You gotta have this..." (JP - Jan '12)

"Eco-friendly shamppo and conditioner that leaves my doggie smelling delicious" (SL - Jul '11)

"The products are good for mother earth and my lovable pups. 5 thumbs way up!" (EA - Oct '11)

Thumbs Up from e-tailers, retailers & social media sites...

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